Free resource guide: 10 career websites every PhD should visit!

To help showcase the fantastic range of careers PhDs are pursing these days, I’ve put together a resource guide listing my top 10 post-PhD interview websites. Click on the link below to download your free copy. Please share it with your peers and send a copy to your university careers service – and to your supervisors!

Resource Guide: 10 career websites every PhD should visit – by Chris Humphrey

Further reading – choosing your profession

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Project Management as a career path for PhDs, by Chris

About Chris

I've made the transition from a PhD in Medieval Studies, into a career in business, consulting and project management. But I want to give something back to the researcher community, and help everyone who's facing the challenge of finding work outside academia. Jobs on Toast is a way for me to share my insights and experience, helping you to make a successful career change. Use my five-step plan to get started right away!

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