Take control of your career today

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • What jobs can I do after my PhD?
  • How can I market myself to employers outside of academia?
  • What skills and experience are non-academic employers looking for?
  • When should I quit applying for academic jobs and start looking elsewhere?

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the answers to these questions. I’m living proof that you can make the transition into professional work outside of academia, even with a PhD in a very specialist area like Medieval Studies! After spells in business management and consulting after my post-doc, I now work as project manager in financial services. But I’ve always wanted to give something back to the researcher community.

So in 2012 I founded Jobs on Toast, as a way to pass on my knowledge and experience of making the journey out of higher education. By reading my regular posts and resource guides, you’ll learn how to successfully market yourself for careers in business, charities, industry and government. The core themes I write about on the website are:

  • How to identify the transferable skills to include on your non-academic CV
  • Where to find professional jobs that match your skills and knowledge
  • How to present yourself in a professional way to employers
  • Where to find communities of researchers and coaches to help and support you

As well as running this website, I regularly give careers talks at universities in the UK, including Bristol, Brunel, Manchester, Oxford Brookes, Southampton and York. I’d love to speak at your institution, or to your members, so please feel free to invite me to an event!

Why not find out more about how I made my transition into a post-academic career? You can read my story as told to Jen Polk over at From PhD to Life, or listen to my interviews with the Recovering Academic podcast, the PapaPhD podcast and Welcome Solutions.

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