‘Alternative Career Pathways After Your PhD’ – live Q&A hosted by Chris

I put your questions on ‘Alternative Career Pathways After Your PhD’ to a panel of experts on Thursday 8th June. Click the play button to watch the recording!

Here are more details about the live Q&A, from the description posted by jobs.ac.uk:

Streamed live on June 8 2017

What can I do after my PhD? It is a difficult decision for any PhD student on whether to pursue a career in academia, or consider alternative careers. In our dedicated live Q&A we are bringing forth a panel of experts who have moved outside of academia, to share their top tips and advice on alternate career pathways following PhD studies.

Meet the panel:
– Dr Chris Humphrey – founder of Jobs on Toast
– Dr Katie Wheat – Training and Resources Development Manager at Vitae
– Lee Milligan – Senior Talent Attraction Specialist at Novo Nordisk
– Pablo Dominguez Andersen – Online Marketing Manager for De Gruyter
– Arathi Kizhedath – early stage researcher at Newcastle University

By attending this jobs.ac.uk live Q&A you will learn:
– What non-academic job options are available to you
– How to market yourself to employers outside of academia
– How to prepare your CV for non-academic opportunities
– Skills and experience non-academic employers look for
– Making the move: how to prepare for the transition out of academia

About Chris

I've made the transition from a PhD in Medieval Studies, into a career in business, consulting and project management. But I want to give something back to the researcher community, and help everyone who's facing the challenge of finding work outside academia. Jobs on Toast is a way for me to share my insights and experience, helping you to make a successful career change. Use my five-step plan to get started right away!

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