Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry [Infographic]

In our latest guest post, Marcus Clarke introduces career opportunities in the growing esports industry.

Although the esports industry is built on competitive video gaming, career opportunities are by no means limited to gaming and technology roles. In fact, careers in this growing, multi-million dollar field are open to job-seekers from all kinds of backgrounds. The esports industry depends upon the successful integration and collaboration of employees from the following professions:

  • Finance, business development and marketing professionals, who’ll work with large corporate sponsors of events like Coca-Cola, ESPN and Red Bull.
  • Game designers, software engineers and mobile developers who produce the games themselves. 
  • Apparel designers and artists, who are responsible for the visual look of games and events, and merchandising.
  • Translation services and similar communication posts, necessary to ensure effective communication between players from different countries.
  • Specialists in online community building.

Jobs in the esports industry not only provide exposure to the latest technologies worldwide but also present fantastic opportunities for future career development in an environment that’s projected to grow tremendously in the years to come. Salaries are generally very rewarding and one of the benefits is the international travel.

Take a look at the infographic below from Computer Planet to find out more about some of the many jobs available in the esports industry.



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