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It can be tricky for researchers to know how to communicate their value to employers outside of academia. Why not invite me to give a talk or run a workshop on this topic? Hearing from someone who’s successfully made the journey can help Masters students and PhDs to identify their transferable skills, and understand how to present themselves to secure a great job.

You can get in touch with me via the contact form at the bottom of this page. I can deliver a talk in person or through a teleconference or Skype or Zoom call. For a flavour of the topics in one of my talks, you’re welcome to download a sample presentation.

Careers talks in 2022

17 May – University of Kent, Canterbury: keynote talk on ‘Accessing careers outside academia’, for the ‘Careers Beyond Academia’ 2-day workshop.

Careers talks in 2021

21 January – University of Amsterdam: talk on ‘How to market yourself for careers outside academia’, for the LOT Online Winter School. Part of a joint session with Dr Natalia Bielczyk and Dr Danielle De La Mare.

8 February – Oxford Brookes University: lunchtime talk on ‘Non-academic career options for PhDs’.

28 June – European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2021: ‘Accessing careers outside academia for early career Astronomers’.

Careers talks in 2020

8 May – Australian National University: webinar on ‘How to market yourself for careers outside academia’.

4 June – University of Birmingham: keynote at the ‘Life Beyond Postgraduate Study’ conference.

21 September – National Postdoc Appreciation Day: presentation on appreciating the transferable skills of postdocs, in the Recognition of Research Talents live event (watch the recording).

24 November – BC Cancer Research Centre, Graduate Student and Post Doctoral Society: talk on ‘How to market yourself for careers outside academia’.


Here’s what careers practitioners and researchers are saying about my workshops:

Chris delivered a great session for us at Birmingham looking at accessing careers outside of academia for Humanities and Social Science PhDs. As well as being a knowledgeable and approachable trainer, he was also great to deal with and an exemplary professional.

PhDs most enjoy career development training when they feel it is tailored ‘especially for them,’ and the relevance and interactivity of Chris’s session saw those in attendance get really stuck in and involved with activities and feedback. The session received 100% satisfaction from those who attended.

One student commented: “I can’t think of anything to add or change about the event – it was very informative and has made me feel confident about job searching outside of academia. Thank you to all involved!”

Whilst another said: “I now feel it’s less difficult to look for a job outside the uni. I’m going to use the ‘job skill set matrix’ to articulate myself on my CV. Thank you very much!”

Dr Holly Prescott
PGR Careers Adviser
University of Birmingham

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If you’d like to discuss a careers talk for your organisation, please use this contact form to get in touch:

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