Book Review – Designing Your Life

Designing Your Life book

Designing Your Life: Build the Perfect Career, Step by Step
By Bill Burnett and Dave Evans (Vintage, 2017)

One of my private clients recommended this book to me and it doesn’t disappoint. The authors have impeccable credentials, having taught the Life Design course at Stanford University for many years. The premise of the book is that you can apply the same principles to designing your life, as you can to designing new consumer products. How does that work?

Well, the authors explain that designers don’t just have a flash of inspiration and then design the finished article. They build prototypes, test them out with customers, tweak them, over and over again until they get it right. It’s an iterative process that requires patience and a degree of trust in a journey of discovery. And you can do the same when designing your own career. Continue reading “Book Review – Designing Your Life”

Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry [Infographic]

In our latest guest post, Marcus Clarke introduces career opportunities in the growing esports industry.

Although the esports industry is built on competitive video gaming, career opportunities are by no means limited to gaming and technology roles. In fact, careers in this growing, multi-million dollar field are open to job-seekers from all kinds of backgrounds.  Continue reading “Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry [Infographic]”