Statement following the death of George Floyd

The murder by police of US citizen George Floyd has highlighted the systemic racism that afflicts the United States and many other countries. I offer my deepest condolences to Mr Floyd’s family and other people impacted by this terrible tragedy. I give my support and thanks to everyone who fights to end racial injustice and build a society that puts fairness, equality and human dignity first.

Within the scope of my work on this careers resource website (Jobs on Toast), I’ve always consciously sought to amplify voices that are marginalised in our current society – this is reflected in the writers and coaches whose work I feature, the personal profiles I choose to give as examples and quote from, and in the authors of guest articles published on the site. 

I will continue this proactive approach and reflect further on what more I can do, in support of racial justice and anti-racist goals and outcomes, in my help for researchers making the transition into careers outside of academia.

Take action: Please write to your MP or other elected representative, to express your views and ask them to take action. The Independent newspaper has compiled this page where you can make donations and sign petitions in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Use and share this ordered list of scaffolded anti-racist resources with others who can benefit through personal growth and learning more.

Collaborate: please get in touch with your ideas on how we as a community of current and former researchers, can share resources that specifically support Black and Minority Ethnic researchers, with the challenges of changing careers post-PhD. And resources that help to confront and overcome racial bias and prejudice in the hiring process.

Chris Humphrey, PhD

6 June 2020

Interview with Lindsay Padilla of Academics Mean Business

I really enjoyed chatting with Lindsay Padilla in Episode 53 of the podcast Academics Mean Business (AMB). I’ve been a big fan of this podcast for a while now, so I was delighted to make my own appearance on the show. You can learn so much about entrepreneurship and leadership, from listening to Lindsay’s guests talk about their side-gigs and full-blown businesses.

In my interview we ranged across a number of topics, including my academic career, how I came to leave academia, and when and why I set up my blog Jobs on Toast. Lindsay even reveals the origins and meaning of the name Jobs on Toast (clue – it has something to do with baked beans)!

Towards the end of the interview we get into my plans for my next project, which is going to be around supporting people with their career progression more broadly. After nearly 10 years of focus on supporting PhDs, I’m looking to share the message of skills-based career advancement with a wider audience – more news soon!

You can listen to my interview with Lindsay here: AMB Episode 53: How the transferable skills you have gained while being a researcher are the skills you should sell.

I also enjoyed Lindsay’s wide-ranging interview with Gladys Ato in Episode 51. Gladys is someone who has so much rich practical experience and wisdom to share. I especially liked this insight about leadership: ‘Leadership is having a bigger vision for the audience, than the vision they have for themselves’.

If you’re interested in listening to other careers podcasts, do check out my article on the top 5 careers podcasts for researchers.

Exploring further study options and benefits – new video course

exploring further study options course - by chris humphrey

Do you know someone who’s thinking about further study, but is unsure about what to study, or how it could boost their career prospects? I recently recorded a video course to guide folks through their options, when considering a postgraduate diploma, Masters or PhD.

My course is called Exploring Further Study Options and Benefits and it’s available on Aimee Bateman’s fantastic website

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