Guest posts and interviews in 2013


As well as writing my regular posts for Jobs on Toast this year, I’ve also written guest articles for other blogs and websites serving the post-ac community. There are some great sites out there which I’ve been really pleased to write for, so I hope you find these links useful:

  1. My very own ‘Week in the Life’ series: five posts giving an insight into my day job as a project manager at an ethical bank. Written for Michelle Erickson’s fantastic blog PhDs At Work (in my view the No.1 site for post-PhD profiles)
  2. ‘Project Management as a career path for PhDs’, which I wrote for Nathan Vanderford’s excellent site Integrative Academic Solutions
  3. ‘Deciding who to work for: finding employment outside academia’, which I wrote for the awesome website How to Leave Academia
  4. ‘Preparing for life after the PhD: retrain your brain’, which I wrote for Eva Lantsoght’s blog PhD Talk

I’ve also given two interviews this year about my transition out of academia, which may help you when deciding on your own future path. If you haven’t done so already, check out the following interviews:

  1. Chris Humphrey: interview with Jen Polk, over at From PhD to Life
  2. Chris Humphrey: interview with Dan Mullin, over at The Unemployed Philosopher’s Blog

I hope you enjoy reading/listening;  message me to tell me what you think!

Jobs on Toast – News Update – September 2012

Over 300 visitors to Jobs on Toast in August 2012, wow! Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch with feedback and comments: it’s really appreciated!

  • Lots of UK university careers officers have been in touch about linking to Jobs on Toast; welcome to readers from Southampton, Brunel, London Metropolitan, St Andrews, De Montfort, Swansea Metropolitan, Manchester Metropolitan and Aberystwyth universities! Also to readers from the Open University!
  • David Drysdale has been in touch to let us know about his site Alternative Academic Careers. David provides a handy list of sites for academics who are interested in expanding their field of options, and who want to branch out into non-academic work. This whole area of ‘alt-ac’ is one that I hope to explore in future posts.
  • Thanks also to James Mulvey of and Karen Kelsky of for posting links to Jobs on Toast on their Facebook and Twitter pages; the careers content that these guys are putting out is just fantastic! Check out my review of James’ awesome e-book How To Find a Career With Your Humanities Degree in 126 Days, which should be on everyone’s reading list!

So until next month, I hope all goes well with your research and job-hunting!

Best regards

Guest post: A week in the life of Dr Chris Humphrey

In 2013 I wrote a series of five posts giving an insight into my day job as a project manager in an ethical bank. The series was written for Michelle Erickson’s fantastic blog PhDs At Work (in my view the No.1 site for post-PhD profiles).

Check out my ‘Week in the Life’ over at PhDs At Work, for insights into the world of financial services and how I put the skills learned during my PhD to good use!