Guest post: Project Management as a career path for PhDs

I’ve spent the last ten years working as a project and programme manager in various sectors: transport, technology and financial services. In this guest post on ‘Project Management as a career path for PhDs’, which I wrote for Nathan Vanderford’s excellent site Integrative Academic Solutions, I consider how PhDs can forge a career as a project manager.

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I've made the transition from a PhD in Medieval Studies, into a career in business, consulting and project management. But I want to give something back to the researcher community, and help everyone who's facing the challenge of finding work outside academia. Jobs on Toast is a way for me to share my insights and experience, helping you to make a successful career change. Use my five-step plan to get started right away!

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  1. Recently RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, ( India) conferred Ph.D. degree. I am electrical engineer by profession. During my professional career of 20 years, I have achieved some additional qualifications such as MBA(IT), PGDOM, Certified Energy Auditor, Project Management Professional(PMP) and recently got Ph.D. in business management. Due to career stagnation in current job. I always opt for better career options. I like to switch over to project management domain. Will some body suggest me for the best opportunity in this field?