How to translate your skills into language employers can understand

On Saturday 14th May I had the pleasure of giving a talk on ‘How to translate your skills into language employers can understand’, for the 2016 Beyond the Professoriate conference.

In my talk I introduced a technique that researchers can use to prepare persuasive content for their résumés and online profiles, which I call the ‘Skill Set Matrix’. The matrix helps you analyse a job advert and determine the skill set that the employer is looking for. Using the matrix, you can then create relevant statements about the suitability of your own skills for the position, for inclusion in your LinkedIn profile and CV (aka a résumé).

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I've made the transition from a PhD in Medieval Studies, into a career in business, consulting and project management. But I want to give something back to the researcher community, and help everyone who's facing the challenge of finding work outside academia. Jobs on Toast is a way for me to share my insights and experience, helping you to make a successful career change. Use my five-step plan to get started right away!

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