How to transition from academia to non-academic professions

I really hope you found my NCFDD talk on how to transition into non-academic professions useful and informative! Here are the resources that I wanted to share with you after the call, to help you take the next steps on your career journey:

Download my free Resource Guide on the 10 career websites every PhD should visit. Follow the links in the Guide to read and listen to some of the hundreds of inspiring interviews with PhDs who’ve launched successful careers outside academia.

Read my blog post on How to get help and support when applying for jobs outside academia, for details of course and coaches who can help you make the transition.

Use the contact form on this page to leave your personal feedback on my talk, or ask me a question about jobs and careers outside academia.

To stay in touch with all the latest news on post-PhD careers, please follow me @chrishumphrey on Twitter, and via the Jobs on Toast page on Facebook.

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