Know-vember: ask Chris a question …

Chris Humphrey imageIn November I’m opening up the floor and offering you the chance to ask me a question – any question – so what do you really want to know about how to get a job outside of academia? Use the form below and I’ll answer your question by personal email.

I’ll publish the answers to all of the questions I receive on a dedicated page on this blog. If we can generate enough questions, we can build up a complete set of Frequently Asked Questions on non-academic careers! Tick the box if you’d like me to remove your name when I publish the answer to your question on Jobs on Toast.


About Chris

I've made the transition from a PhD in Medieval Studies, into a career in business, consulting and project management. But I want to give something back to the researcher community, and help everyone who's facing the challenge of finding work outside academia. Jobs on Toast is a way for me to share my insights and experience, helping you to make a successful career change. Use my five-step plan to get started right away!