Guest post: A week in the life of Dr Chris Humphrey

In 2013 I wrote a series of five posts giving an insight into my day job as a project manager in an ethical bank. The series was written for Michelle Erickson’s fantastic blog PhDs At Work (in my view the No.1 site for post-PhD profiles).

Check out my ‘Week in the Life’ over at PhDs At Work, for insights into the world of financial services and how I put the skills learned during my PhD to good use!

Guest post: Deciding who to work for after the PhD

When you start looking for a job outside of academia, the sheer range of opportunities can be bewildering. So I wrote a guest post on the theme of ‘Deciding who to work for: finding employment outside academia’ for the awesome website How to Leave Academia. The post outlines the three main areas where you can look for work – business, charity and government.

Unfortunately, How to Leave Academia can’t be accessed at the moment, so I’ve published an updated version of the post under the new title of Take control of your career by switching into a job outside academia. Enjoy!

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Guest post: Preparing for life after the PhD – re-train your brain

In this guest post for PhD Talk, I explain the importance of changing your mindset in the last few months of your PhD. In order to embrace the full range of career opportunities open to you, both inside and outside of academia, you need to shift your mindset from ‘making do’ to ‘making a living’.

Read Preparing for life after the PhD over at PhD Talk.

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