PhD Springboard: a guide to private coaching and training services


When setting out on a long journey into unknown territory, you don’t just walk out of the front door unprepared. You plan ahead to make sure you have everything you’ll need to reach your destination. You take the basics like food and water. You’ll need transport, somewhere to sleep and local guides. You won’t even get out of the country without your passport …

I know from personal experience that finding a job outside of higher education after my PhD felt like a daunting and challenging journey. I had to take tough decisions about my career path, learn where non-academic jobs were advertised, and create new letters of application and a résumé. My network of colleagues, including my dissertation supervisors, gave me lots of encouragement, but it was left to me to figure out how to market my skills and expertise to employers beyond academia.

With this situation in mind, I’ve put together a resource guide listing some private coaches and training companies who can help you to make a smoother transition. The guide is called ‘PhD Springboard’, as it’s meant to give your career prospects a little boost! Even if you don’t hire one of these coaches, be sure to check out their websites, since they have lots of great advice and resources available.

Download your free copy of PhD Springboard: a guide to private coaching and training services.

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