How PhD holders can find and secure an IT job – interview

I was recently interviewed about how doctoral graduates can find a good job in the IT and tech sector. Certainly, my first job after leaving academia was with a tech start-up, developing e-learning courses from classroom-based courses. Have you considered IT and tech as a profession after your PhD? 

Here’s a snippet from my interview:

‘For PhD holders who are trying to find work in the IT or tech sector, is their transition typically easier or harder than PhDs who are trying to find work in other industries? 

Doctoral graduates in computer science are certainly highly sought after by companies who explicitly advertise for candidates holding this qualification, so their transition is easier. That said, tech companies know it takes more than just programmers and engineers to make a successful business. They also need to recruit people like:

  • Sales staff – who understand the technical and scientific background to the products they’re selling 
  • Writers and editors – who can create engaging content for a website or app
  • Project managers – who can oversee the development of new products and services

Doctoral graduates are well-qualified for all of these roles, making IT and the tech sector one of the more attractive options for researchers looking for work in other industries.’

You can read the full interview about How PhD Holders Can Find and Secure an IT Job over on GDH Consulting’s blog. Enjoy! If you have a question about working in the IT and tech sector, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.