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I’m not currently offering one-to-one careers support – please message me if you have any questions, and check out my resources page for more support options  – Chris, 1 May 2021. 

Finding a new job can be stressful and hard work, especially when the job market is competitive and unfamiliar. So I offer one-to-one support for researchers who want to get a job outside of higher education. What’s unique about my service is that I see your application through the eyes of a recruiter – having worked in business and project management over the past 15 years, I’ll use my real-world experience and expertise to guide you through a successful transition.

We’ll start with a free initial 20 minute chat, to understand your needs and see how far we’re a good fit to work together. Following our chat I’ll send you a detailed proposal on the specific areas where I can help, for instance:

Capturing your transferable skills – so that you know the skills and experience that employers truly value (rather than feeling like you have nothing to offer).

Creating your professional brand – so that you feel like a professional who’s just changing careers (rather than like a PhD who’s quitting academia).

Crafting a persuasive letter of application and résumé – so that you present yourself using language that employers understand (and not the language of academia).

Typically I’ll recommend a sequence of 3-5 support sessions, each covering a different topic, with check-in calls between each session to ensure accountability. It’s easy to arrange an initial chat: just let me know about your job aspirations using the contact form below.


Here’s what researchers who’ve worked with me are saying:

I found Chris to be genuinely interested in my professional background and his feedback was tailored specifically towards the job that I wanted to apply for. He gave advice that was of practical use as I crafted my CV and cover letter towards the job, which I knew I was qualified for but was unsure about how best to present myself for. As a result of our discussions, I have been able to submit an application that I am proud of. I am confident that the resulting application represents my abilities and experience in the best possible light – Deborah, postdoctoral researcher, United Kingdom.

Chris’s approach is direct, down to earth, and positive. He expresses genuine interest in your field and qualifications; having transitioned himself from academia to the “other” job market, he has first-hand experience and can relate to the difficult process of re-evaluating skills and capabilities that most PhDs go through. There is another aspect, this time psychological, that makes Chris’s approach valuable: just by reflecting on your experiences and appropriating them as skills, you feel a lot more confident afterwards – Maria, doctoral candidate, Sweden.

It was extremely helpful to discuss the skills I will be able to transfer to the business world with you. Having a personalized discussion about those skills really helped me to clarify what directions to go in … and it was thanks to your insights that I was able to get this process off the ground. When one has first decided to leave academia, it is easy to stay safely on the internet, conducting more research and thinking of possibilities. Our conversation has helped me to make the first steps in activating my job search and making this transition work – Alicia, doctoral candidate, United States.

Let’s arrange a chat

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