What’s the next big challenge in your career?

If you’ve spent a long time working in Higher Education, like I did, it can be a major challenge when you come to the end of the road – such as when you complete your PhD or postdoc, or decide to leave your academic post. How do you leverage all those years of learning to land yourself a great job afterwards?

I set up Jobs on Toast to help researchers and academics answer this question. Here you can find:

(1) A curated list of helpful resources, like books and websites, and

(2) A job search framework that you can use to find a fulfilling job.

Universities looking to provide careers guidance for their researchers can hire me to give a keynote talk or facilitate a careers workshop.

If you have any remaining questions or would just like to say hello, you can send me a message.

Best wishes and good luck!

Chris Humphrey, PhD

P.S. Here are a few words to introduce me:

Chris Humphrey runs Jobs on Toast, a resource hub and careers consultancy dedicated to helping individuals and universities overcome the career challenges commonly experienced by researchers.

At a practical level this means helping university researchers secure fulfilling jobs outside of academia, and create more impact through meaningful projects. For universities and professional associations, Chris delivers keynote talks and facilitates workshops on careers topics.

Back in the day, Chris completed his PhD and postdoc in Medieval Studies at the University of York, UK. Unable to land a permanent academic job, Chris decided to apply his skills and experience in a business career instead.

Today Chris works as a team leader and project manager in the UK banking sector, holding qualifications in PRINCE2 and Scrum methodologies, as well as being a full member of the Association for Project Management.

Chris lives in the South West of England with a ginger cat called Ned.

Broaden your mind: an interview with Chris Humphrey

Thinking of switching into a career outside of academia? I was recently interviewed by Dr Beatrice Zatorska, CEO and co-founder of Smart Tribe, about my 5-step framework for transitioning into a new career. Plus, how and why I started Jobs on Toast! Watch the full interview on YouTube via the link below.