How to gain work experience for jobs outside academia

Question: How can I gain work experience during my PhD/post-doc, that will strengthen my future applications for jobs outside of academia? Answer: Start early! Develop and implement a clear plan for gaining work experience during the period of your research. ‘Relevant work experience’. Three words to strike fear into the Continue reading

How to introduce yourself to employers outside academia, after your PhD

Question: When an employer asks me why I’m leaving higher education after my PhD, what do I say? Answer: Introduce yourself as a professional who’s decided to change employment sectors. One of the most common challenges researchers face when looking for work outside of higher education is knowing how to Continue reading

PhD Springboard: a guide to private coaching and training services

When setting out on a long journey into unknown territory, you don’t just walk out of the front door unprepared. You plan ahead to make sure you have everything you’ll need to reach your destination. You take the basics like food and water. You’ll need transport, somewhere to sleep and Continue reading