Exploring further study options and benefits – new video course

exploring further study options course - by chris humphrey

Do you know someone who’s thinking about further study, but is unsure about what to study, or how it could boost their career prospects? I recently recorded a video course to guide folks through their options, when considering a postgraduate diploma, Masters or PhD.

My course is called Exploring Further Study Options and Benefits and it’s available on Aimee Bateman’s fantastic website Careercake.com.

The eight key questions I answer for you in the course are:

  1. What are the benefits of further study?
  2. What careers actually require a further degree or study?
  3. How to fund your further study
  4. How to apply for postgraduate study
  5. How to write a good application for funding
  6. How to make the most of your time in further study
  7. How to present your higher qualifications on your CV
  8. Is there a risk of becoming ‘overqualified’?

My aim is that after taking the course, you’ll:

  • know the benefits of further study
  • know how to apply for funding and postgraduate courses in the UK
  • be able to get the most out of further study
  • know how to market yourself for jobs afterwards

Please share the details of this course with anyone who you think could benefit – and by all means message me your comments 🙂

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