Take control of your career by switching into a job outside of academia


‘Who do you want to work for?’ and ‘Where do you want to work?’ are two questions you’re unlikely to hear in any discussion of the current academic job market! Given the desperate state of the market today, with many more candidates than jobs, the idea of having a choice about Continue reading

You can’t climb a ladder that’s run out of rungs

You can't climb a ladder that's run out of rungs

As intelligent people we’re expected to do well. It’s actually fantastic that we have such a supportive network around us: all the people who care about us and take an interest in our success. When we were starting out, they set high expectations for us. They created the conditions to Continue reading

Listen to Chris on GradSquare Radio!

GradSquare Radio

How did I go from a PhD in Medieval Studies, to a project manager in financial services? Find out in Episode 24 of GradSquare Radio, where Marco interviews me about my academic background and my transition into a business career. GradSquare Radio offers a range of fantastic interviews with former researchers and other Continue reading